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Website Success!

I’m shocked!!! Much to my surprise the website actually works. Must say I’m tickled pink that the upfront effort and expense seems to not be a total waste of time. It is like magic. Poof, the piece is marked sold, UPS rates, destination, and taxes applied. Credit card has been run. Receipt and thank you notes sent. It seems like I am on the ball although we all know it is a cyber elf keeping up, definitely not me. As I’m headed out the door with artwork all ready to be shipped I realize how this is monumental to my little ceramic art business. Hopefully it will get me in the studio more and less in marketing. We will see, but for now I’m excited about the success of


Dawson Morgan website shipment ceramics

November 29, 2016
Website Redo
January 27, 2017
Ceramic Art Studio Precision Sculpture Stand

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