For local gallery information, questions about ceramic work, Raku, pottery or  pricing, contact Fairhope, Alabama ceramic artist Dawson Morgan.  Please provide your information and I will get in touch with you shortly.

You can always call me with artwork inquiries or just to chat, but the online shopping gallery is an option too. I’ll wrap. I’ll ship, I’ll think of something witty to put on your card, just please remember, I want to help you with artistic gifting.

Thank you for your interest in my ceramic art.


Dawson Morgan


    “Admire” Orchid Pot 6x6x6


    “Beach Palm” Orchid Pot 7x7x6.5

    Blue Eyes II Centerpiece

    “Blue Eyes II” Centerpiece Large Round 18x17x8

    Blue Eyes Centerpiece

    “Blue Eyes” Centerpiece Large Round 15x15x8

    OUT OF STOCKBlue II Centerpiece

    “Blue II” Centerpiece Medium Round 10x10x5

    Blue Streak Centerpiece

    “Blue Streak” Centerpiece Large Round 16x16x9


    “Creek” Vessel 6x6x7


    “Melt” Vase 7x7x8

    OUT OF STOCKMoody Blue Flake Centerpiece

    “Moody Blue Flake” Centerpiece Medium Round 9x9x5

    OUT OF STOCKMoody Blue Milky Way Centerpiece

    “Moody Blue Milky Way” Centerpiece Large Round 18x18x3

    OUT OF STOCKMoody Blue Star Centerpiece

    “Moody Blue Star” Centerpiece Large Round 17x17x8


    “Palm Tree” Orchid Pot 8x8x6.5


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