Website Redo

Website Redo

12 years ago, I sat down at the computer, which I HATE, and self-helped my way through creating a website.  I used the simple template, took my own pictures, and invested in an online SEO class. It took forever. Site traffic was okay, considering I’m an artist with a technical handicap.  Since this is an instant world it is time again to direct attention to  Launching soon there will be e-commerce capabilities complete with shipping estimates.  I even called in a professional so that it is properly linked, synced, and tricked out with the latest ways to shop and socialize.  900 photographs taken, every detail described, cropped, and boy I totally stressed over the accent color since my work is fairly monochromatic these days.  It has been a busy time to say the least. Hopefully this will not be a mistake.  We will see.  For now I just need to get through this and hope the buy button will get some use. I’ll let you know how it goes, fingers crossed!

Just to amuse myself as sort of a giggle, a reward for all this desk work, I’m posting a non art picture. In honor of hunting season, may I present, The Buck-a-Bunny, as mounted in Dan Tierney’s office in the Regional Arts Commission Saint Louis Missouri.  Yes it is a huge bunny with antlers. one of those things you would not really catch if you are not the type to smell the roses, and absorb the view. Every time I passed his door this absurd jack rabbit made me laugh.  Perhaps the Buck-a-Bunny will remind us all to fully look at what we see and slow down a little this season.

Regional Arts commission StL

Buck-a-Bunny from Dan’s office at the Regional Arts Commission, Saint Louis, MO.

November 23, 2016
Is that a hamburger or a ceramic masterpiece?
December 21, 2016
Website Success!

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