“Moody Blue Milky Way” Centerpiece Large Round 18x18x3


Measures 18” x 18” x 3”h

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These stunning bowls are sculpted from durable stoneware. Each centerpiece is glazed and fired multiple times to create the depth and richness of the gorgeous Deep Blue finish.

Award winning artist, Dawson Morgan specializes in open clay form that displays beautiful light and shadow effects. These pieces are especially dramatic when placed as the focal centerpiece in a room. All sides are different, elegant, and beautiful.

The gloss finish is luminous and beautiful created from layering the glaze and multiple firings. These works are food safe and fully functional fruit bowls as well as a fine art piece. Sculpted out of stone ware these ceramic art works are sure be the star of your décor.

Dawson Morgan is a native of Mobile who earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Millsaps University in Jackson, Mississippi, with a specialty in hand built ceramics.  She is a Ford Fellow in sculptural studies with Phi Beta Kappa honors.  Dawson Morgan directed Global Galleries in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She has exhibited her artwork in Lausanne, Switzerland, New York, New York, Telluride, Colorado Saint Louis, Missouri and multiple installations throughout the United States.  She takes great inspiration from her coastal roots, international experiences, and the beauty of our varied landscape.  Now life has brought her to Fairhope, Alabama where the coastal colors and images are guiding her work.

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × 3 in